The Arcana Collection

Celebrate with us as we welcome the lessons accompanied by the Major Arcana found in tarot. 

The World The World is one of our favorite cards to pull! Signifying an immense change in one's journey. Achievement, fulfillment, possibilities, and successful outcomes lie ahead of one's path.
The Empress Looking for a sign? The Empress is bringing forth the opportunity of creation in life, romance, art, or business. The Empress stands on a foundation of wealth and abundance. 
The Moon Is there a foreseen change on the horizon that's got you feeling uneasy? The Moon encourages you to let go and embrace the challenge; the momentum may propel you to your intended destiny. 
The Star Your guide(s) are guiding you! Feel inspired, blessed, and protected as you walk this beautiful journey. You're on the right path!
The Sun Your wish fulfillment! Everything you are going through right now is leading you to all you've ever wanted. Take a deep breath! Your blessings are coming.
The Chariot Oh, baby! Everything you're going through is coming to a swift end and you are being rewarded for your tenacity and courage through the hard times.