The Maker's Favorites

You know how your parents told you they didn't have favorites? They lied. KIDDING. Maybe.

I interact with a ton of scents day in and day out and I've gotta be honest here... if you're looking for my absolute favorites... here they are! And yes, while most come to us from our Signature Collection, there are some monthly drops sprinkled in there, too. Check back often to see what I've added... as time passes, my love (and annoyance) for scents change. 

OH! And if you're looking for my absolute #1, it's a toss up between Hathor and Persephone. Hathor is warm. Persephone is sassy. Just grab them both. I can't even tell you which I'd choose if my life depended on it. Persephone. No, Hathor. Crap. See?!

- Soleil