Meet The Maker


Hey! I'm Soleil.

It's true, I am the ultimate Jack-of-All-Trades, constantly up to something but I can say with great certainty that candle making is my favorite accidental career. By day, I am a Photographer and Brand Strategist which means I have a shit ton of experience building and cheering on others in their most inspired endeavors. It has been my greatest honor and privilege being the cheerleader as they go on to reach their big audacious goals. Now, it's my turn.



Something finally clicked for me. I can't tell you when or why but after years (and I mean years) of dreaming about creating a little candle company with luxe, designer inspired scents, I finally just... jumped. 



Okay, I lied. I do know what made me jump. 





Sometimes, ya need to light something on fire and take a deep breath of sweet relief and know that someone's got your back. Because this started as a way to allow others to shed their light on my vessel, know that I've stirred intentions of absolute love and an unjustly amount of light into each candle vessel. Love exists all around.  And ya know what? That's it. That's the whole shindig. 


 After years of dreaming, Sol Intentions Co. was born.




I'm so lucky to get to share this joy with you and that you get to join this journey with me. 



Thank you so much for supporting me, this small business, and for sending all your best vibes. I hope you love SIC candles as much as I've loved making them.









THIS BUSINESS IS A QUEER, LATINX, AND WOMAN OWNED SMALL BUSINESS. Basically, I'm a whole mf-in' badass with a crown on, y'all.