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Introducing The Home Diffuser, a beautiful and heavy bottomed square glass with black reeds that holds six, YES SIX, ounces of highly fragranced perfume. 


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 Weight: 1lb and 4 ounces.

Fragrance Experience should last up to 90 days.

To use: Remove the bottle from any wrappings and locate the bottle of perfume. Give the bottle of perfume a good shake and fill the diffuser bottle. Locate the reeds and place inside the bottle. Place in a safe and secure place far from little and curious hands. Not intended for skin use or ingestion. Keep away from children and pets.  



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Customer Reviews

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Great gift!

The diffuser is so good! The glass is high quality and heavy, so I don’t have to worry about it tipping over. The reeds hold the scent nicely, I will keep a couple on hand for last minute gifts!

Adam T.

Getting this diffuser was by far one of the best purchases I have ever made! The bottle and reeds are beautiful and it fills the room with a fragrance that is present but not overwhelming. It gives any room you put it in the perfect aroma therapy needed to make your day and let your stress wash away. Absolutely amazing!

Best diffuser I've ever used

The bottle is not only beautiful, its made of a thick high quality glass. The reeds are beautiful and the fragrances fill your room without being overpowering. Absolutely perfect for rooms that have limited plugins, book shelves, a bathroom, or any room you want to add some fragrance that doesn't require monitoring. I highly recommend them!